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Helping Clients Avoid High-Risk Exposure

Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC is an experienced litigation firm with a mission to obtain maximum results with minimal exposure to our clients. With offices throughout the state of Florida, we are able to serve our clients’ needs across the full spectrum of litigation disputes. 

Our lawyers are well-prepared to take to trial those cases that will benefit our clients in the long run. At the same time, we approach litigation in a manner that takes into consideration the costs of mounting a vigorous defense. We have the willingness and ability to move forward aggressively with a case and also the experience to recognize the opportunity to resolve the claim at an earlier stage of the dispute. 

We founded the firm with the understanding that clients are often forced into litigated matters under trying circumstances, but they rarely secure the sort of legal representation that truly maximizes their results. Clients look for quality representation, efficiency when handling complex matters and a positive outcome.  We have built close industry relationships throughout the state of Florida and our experience gives us the ability to evaluate and avoid liability exposure in a way that allows our clients to reach their desired resolution.

At Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, our team operates a diverse practice that includes insurance defense, general liability and insurance coverage disputes, workers’ compensation, first party property, and governmental entity defense, among others.

Comprehensive Representation

Our litigators handle a wide spectrum of claims from pre-suit negotiations through trial and appeals. Our clients rely on us to represent their interests in a given dispute from the beginning to the end of the claim.

This is a distinct and pointed advantage in an industry that has largely shifted to fragmented legal advocacy, typically as a function of short-sighted, cost-cutting measures. Since we have handled the claim from the very beginning, we have a level of familiarity and insight that not only allows us to more effectively represent the client’s interests, but also do so in an efficient manner.

The team at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC also boasts experience with varied clientele that includes large organizations and smaller nonprofits, elected public officials and private individuals.  Our success in representing such a broad range of clients proves the effectiveness of our more personalized approach. We invest time, attention and resources into each client in order to determine our client’s business model and overall strategic objectives. This gives us the insight necessary to tailor our advocacy to the specifics of their case.

Contact Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC for Assistance

If you would like to learn more about our services, we encourage you to call our firm at 407-789-1830 or contact us by completing an intake form through our website.  We look forward to working with you.