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Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC is comprised of seasoned defense litigators who have extensive experience representing medical device manufacturers in complex disputes centered around product defect issues in state and federal court. We handle a variety of medical device claims, including claims related to negligent manufacturing, negligent design, failure to warn, strict liability, breach of warranty, and more. 

Evaluating Risk and Mounting a Defense

We are committed to resolving medical device litigation — as with all litigation — in a way that leads to the most favorable result for the client.  This commitment is deeply embedded in the DNA of our firm. Fundamentally, our approach to litigation is to be conscious of inefficiencies — both cost and procedural — and to minimize those inefficiencies as much as possible.

At every stage of the process, we evaluate the risks inherent to mounting a defense and advise our clients accordingly.  After all, product defect litigation has both legal and commercial implications. Even if a given product is not “defective” in the legal sense, enough bad press can force a manufacturer to recall the product.  This is especially relevant with respect to the medical device industry, as customers tend to be much less forgiving of perceived functionality issues. At the same time, mounting an early, aggressive, and comprehensive defense to initial products claims can often deter other suits in the future.

Our context-dependent litigation strategy allows us to be flexible in representing the client’s interests.  If a client is particularly concerned about the long-term brand ramifications of bad press for their new medical device product, we can work with them to quickly resolve the dispute through negotiated settlement with the plaintiff.  When traditional litigation is a better fit, however, we have had demonstrated success in taking the case to trial and appeals (and have done so at both the state and federal court level).

Contact Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC for Assistance

Medical device litigation is demanding with respect to both the sophistication of the underlying disputes and the need for extensive litigation resources.

Here at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, we have the networks necessary to secure top-notch medical and engineering information so as to provide guidance on technical matters as litigation develops.  Over the years, we have also developed a trusted network of experts who can provide supportive testimony to further enhance our client’s position.

If you would like to speak to an experienced product liability attorney regarding the medical device defense litigation, then we encourage you to contact our team at your earliest convenience.  Call us at 407-789-1830 or complete an online intake form to schedule a consultation.


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