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The Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC insurance defense team is comprised of seasoned litigators who have successfully handled claims at every stage of litigation. We couple this hands-on experience with a forward-looking, results-driven approach to insurance defense litigation, which gives us a substantial competitive advantage.

We have capably handled the defense of insurance claims throughout the state of Florida for a variety of clients, including Fortune 100 corporations, small and large non-profits, governmental entities, private individuals and more. These broad representative experiences have given us unique insight into what it takes to navigate novel circumstances and secure a victory when new issues arise.

How Results-Driven Insurance Defense Pays Off

Insurance adjusters are judged on their case efficiency, which is measured by a variety of factors.  Our goal is to integrate this understanding of case efficiency into the fundamentals of insurance defense representation.  We proactively manage our litigated claims, paying close attention to legal reserves and indemnity costs. This enables us to develop an informed understanding of the net positives and negatives of a given legal strategy in the context of the insurance adjuster’s business needs. Simply put, we work hard to make the insurance adjuster’s case load easier to manage.  

This results-driven approach has given us the experience to evaluate appropriate settlement and defense options for a variety of similar insurance claims. We have the ability to identify how best to tackle a given case at an early stage, even with minimal additional information.

Committed, Personalized Representation

The insurance defense industry is often characterized by the sheer volume of matters being handled by litigators. Over time, a boilerplate mentality seems to predominate, wherein insurance claims are evaluated and defended quickly and generically so as to make the processing of such claims more efficient for the firm itself.  Here at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, we believe that insurance defense can be done better.

We are committed to personalized representation. In fact, that commitment is very much a part of our “DNA” in that we interface regularly with our clients so they can be apprised of the developments of the case and can provide valuable insight as to when and how the claims can best be resolved. We do not shuffle cases between lawyers who lack the experience to handle the particular disputes, nor do we rotate attorneys through the practice areas without developing a personalized relationship with both the insurance adjuster and the insured member. 

It is our belief that having an engaged attorney-client relationship — particularly in the context of insurance defense — is fundamental to success.  We work closely with clients to understand their business needs and concerns, and we always strive to achieve the best possible result.

Contact Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC for Comprehensive Claim Assistance

If you would like to speak to an experienced attorney here at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, we encourage you to call us at 407-789-1830 or complete an online intake form to schedule a consultation with a member of our insurance defense team. We look forward to speaking with you.


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