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Here at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, our professional liability team is staffed with seasoned litigators who have represented a wide range of clients facing claims of professional liability. With offices throughout the state of Florida, we are able to better serve our clients at every stage of the dispute.

Who and What We Represent

We handle professional liability disputes involving issues such as professional negligence, malpractice, and licensing complaints for both claimants and defendants. We have successfully represented:

  • Medical professionals
  • Design professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Professional liability insurers

We regularly navigate professional liability disputes in state and federal courts, and have resolved many such disputes through litigation (from pre-trial discussions through to trial and appeals) and negotiated settlement.

A Practical, Cost-Efficient Approach to Litigation

Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC is committed to a practical, results-oriented litigation approach — an approach that is sensitive to the needs of the client and that actively seeks the best possible result, whether that’s enabled through traditional litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

We recognize opportunities to resolve claims early on where possible, but we are willing and able to push aggressively for litigation when doing so is necessary to secure a favorable result for our client.  Cost efficiency is a priority for our professional liability team, as we understand that clients are not usually well-served by extended, slow-moving litigation.

This commitment to context-sensitive advocacy is particularly relevant in the context of professional liability disputes, as a professional liability claim is not only challenging to litigate, but may also have significant licensing and other repercussions. For example, a serious malpractice accusation can damage the reputation of a professional and can threaten their business substantially.  This risk exposure must be considered when representing a client, whether that client is a professional liability claimant and can use such information to their advantage or a defendant who must evaluate the overall consequences.

Contact Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC for Assistance

Professional liability litigation is highly complex and success can turn on the evidentiary strategy implemented by each side.  The introduction of new, persuasive evidence can be the difference between a win and a loss. As such, attention to detail is critical to effective advocacy in the context of professional liability.

At Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, our attorneys are thorough litigators who pride themselves on their practical, results-oriented approach.  Our team has implemented critical procedural efficiencies so as to ensure that attention to detail does not prevent us from offering cost-effective service.

If you would like to speak to an experienced professional liability attorney at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a brief consultation.  Call us at 407-789-1830 or complete an intake form through our website.


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