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The attorneys at Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC exclusively defend Employers and Carriers against workers’ compensation claims.  Our clients include large and small employers, employee leasing companies, insurance companies and third-party administrators, among others.  

We believe successful defense requires comprehensive, end-to-end advocacy.  We work with our clients to navigate every stage of the matter, from the initial investigation and discovery phase, to mediation, trial and appeal (if and when doing so is necessary).  Our goal is to effectively tailor our representation to our clients’ needs and with an eye toward efficient, cost-effective advocacy.

Expert Litigators, Cutting-Edge Defense 

Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC is comprised of workers’ compensation litigators for various private and public organizations for over 20 years.  This track record includes high-stakes workers’ compensation claims involving billion-dollar multinational companies.

Reputation provides a significant advantage in litigation.  The reputation that our attorneys have built ensures that opposing counsel must be careful not to make any missteps as they develop their claim. Oftentimes, opposing counsel will feel the pressure to simply “fold” and negotiate a settlement that is ultimately favorable to our client.

Efficiency in Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims

We pay special attention to our legal budgets and the defense costs incurred as we look for the best possible outcome of a pending claim. We focus on early and comprehensive analysis in order to make critical strategic decisions early on in the representation of a client (i.e., whether to negotiate a settlement or push aggressively through to trial).

Our workers’ compensation attorneys leverage decades of effective litigation experience and extensive industry networks to secure a favorable outcome for clients. We understand that many of our clients are insurance adjusters who are judged on their case efficiency.  To that end, we are committed — for all of our clients — to achieving maximum results with minimum costs.

Contact Walker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC for Assistance

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the defense of a workers’ compensation claim (or any related claim) that has been brought against you, then we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.  Call us at 407-789-1830 or complete an online intake form to schedule a brief consultation.


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